Design Challenge:
Design a baby monitor that is desireable both for the baby and its mother. Take into consideration their individual needs and what makes things desireable to them.

I started this project thinking about this individual needs of each of my consumers. The baby monitor would be purchased and used by parents so I had to consider them as my primary consumer, however, one of their desires is the best care of their child. This created a situation where both of my consumers must be considered together rather than as individuals since one set of desires corresponds directly with the other. Once I found out, through research, what needs and functions the baby monitor must fulfill I started looking at the form factor of the competition. I compared these findings with other consumer products that were described as "desireable" and found a distinct lack of design innovation in the baby monitor market.

Design Solution:
The final design came about by considering the needs of the baby and the parent as well as Philips' current design language. Essentially the final product designed itself, I simply guided it to its final destination. The final product is now a cohesive system that meets the needs of the baby without compromising the form language of the parent company.