Design Challenge:
Seat Straps was a project that I took on for a business that I began with a business partner in 2011. The goal was to help facilitate a transition from the universal seat cover market to fully custom seat covers.

As with any other project I broke the process down and started with my target market and individualizing their needs as well as what was currently the issue with universal covers. What I found was that the same issues that my seat covers were facing are rampant throughout the industry and I believed that there was a better way. A lot of the ideation focused on creating a product that was feasible within the next year with the intention of bringing it to market.

Design Solution:
The final product was a strap system that fastens a universal seat cover to the car seat. This eliminates much of the fitting issues usually associated with universal seat covers as well as fastens it in place so that the seat cover can't slide around. The solution is also very cheap to product. These seat straps are currently on a provisional patent from the U.S. patent office.