Client Brief:
The goal of this project revolved around navigating the hectic world of trade shows. The Las Vegas Convention Center wanted a social device that helped their customers navigate and find the people they wanted to meet in the convention area.

Design Solution:
The biggest challenge for the MEEM was to determine how to cater to three distinct users with radically different needs. Each person, the exhibitor, the buyer, and the event organizer, all want different things from the device.

The product solves the problem of location by using individual transponders distributed throughout the area with unique IDs to develop an internal map of the space. Using this data, the device is able to locate itself within the space as well as other MEEM devices in the area. Each MEEM ID is unique to its user and users designated as BUYERS are automatically set up with those designated as SELLERS based on select criteria; much like online dating.

With the MEEM, people are able to scan and find information on products they like for download at a later time, as well as keep track of who they've interacted with. They're also able to find booths they otherwise would have missed through the search function. This maximizes both the buyers and the exhibitor's time at the trade show. All of this is at the palm of the user's hand due to the device doubling as a name tag.

For the exhibitor, they're able to make last minute adjustments to booth placement and digitally update the map. And of course at the end, they'll be able to take all of this information to build a mapping algorithm for better foot traffic flow in future exhibitions.