Client Brief:
Johnson & Johnson, in collaboration with Carrefour, asked for a reimagination of the future parapharmacy. They required our team to analyze current shopping habits in order to conceptualize the future shopping experience of European customers.

Design Solution:
What we came up with was an automated system that completely removes the need for product packaging. Drugs would be dispensed into bottles, which range in size according to its contents, and automatically labeled.

This would all be done through an automated process using a touch screen wall interface. Customers wouldn’t need to walk around looking for the drugs they need; they would simply browse the pharmacy’s inventory through the interactive display. Check out would be processed using RFID technology to sort through the necessary medecine. Inventory would use the same system to keep track of different SKUs. If customers needed assistance, they would easily be able to speak to someone immediately through the screen interface or signal for assistance remotely.

All of this equates to a smaller footprint within the store; no loss in advertising revenue or peg space due to the digital wall layout; and the ability to cater to more people at a single time. It creates a faster check out system, a better shopping experience, and a system for automated and self-regulating inventory control. It’s a bold new vision for a new generation.